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Karl Gustavsgatan 52


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Bedouin Travel - A brief summary in English

Världens bäst bevarade korsfararborg,
Crac des Chevaliers i Syrien.

VD Houda Zoubi möter HKH Kronprinsessan Victoria.

Mrs Zoubi is the founder and CEO of Bedouin Travels, a company that specialize in quality travels to the Middle East and North Africa; e g Syria, Lebanon, Jordan Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Tunis, Egypt and Morocco. Her genuine interest in travels and tourism may well have been inherited from her father who owned Travel Agencies in Damascus and Beirut during 1950-1970.

Houda Zoubi also is a great chef, doing catering arrangements for companies and private parties. She has spread the fine art of Arabic cooking around the country in a series of culinary programs in public Swedish television. There has also been lots of articles in newspapers and magazines.

Houda Zoubi is a great ambassador for Arabic Culture in Sweden. She’s involved with many organizations in Gothenburg, e g IFS – The Swedish Association of Ethnic Entrepreneurs and the Marketing Association.

Mrs Zoubi and Bedouin Travel can be contacted via e-mail:

Or by phone +46 (0)31 708 18 82 or Cell phone +46 (0)704 95 47 33.


Bedouin Travels specialize in quality travels to the Middle East and North Africa; e g Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Tunis, Egypt and Morocco. Most travels are made by regular flight and Mrs Houda Zoubi participate as a guide. Many travels are custom-made and they all include memorable experiences.

We have a large network in the tourist business and with official authorities in the Arabic world, and we have established important contacts with the trade and industry in the region.

The company is also involved in a long term cooperation with the Swedish Trade Council. Our consultant services have assisted both the department of trade at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and swedish companies wishing to expand in the markets of the Middle East and North Africa.

We have a long experience of marketing Middle Eastern countries as tourist destinations, both to the swedish public and to officials.

Houda Zoubi - Culture Ambassador, Tour Operator and Chef

Houda Zoubi was born in Lebanon, raised in Syria but has lived also in other Arabic countries. 20 years ago she came to Sweden and since then been dedicated in creating better understanding between Arabic and Swedish culture.